Software Tools to Complement Your Real Estate CRM System

Real estate CRM systems can transform your business, and it's increasingly viewed as an essential tool for staying competitive. Even though these programs offer a number of tools, there are other programs that can help you make the most of your CRM system. Here are a few programs to complement your real estate business.

Communication Platforms

Many real estate agents rely on phone calls, emails and text messages. Computer-based tools, however, offer novel means of communicating that more traditional tools can't match. Real estate agents are often busy, and they can be difficult to contact by phone. Computerized voicemail solutions offer more convenience. Intra-office messaging tools are also useful, especially in large offices. Being able to easily send a message to certain groups can help you deliver messages efficiently. These tools also make messages easy to archive, which can help you retrieve information about clients that wasn't entered into your CRM software.

Cloud-Based Office Software

While real estate work is based on meeting with clients, it also requires a significant amount of paperwork. Many agencies have employees store information on their work or home computers, and a hard drive failure can lead to significant difficulties. Cloud-based systems offer robust backup capabilities, and they make changes easy to track over time. Furthermore, cloud-based office programs ease collaborative work and allow several employees to work on the same document simultaneously. The cloud paradigm also makes documents easy to access, so employees armed only with a smartphone can retrieve data on demand.

Time-Tracking and Scheduling Tools

Real estate agents often find themselves overwhelmed with demand, and it can be a challenge to plan a workday or workweek. Time-tracking tools provide valuable feedback to help agents find where they can work more efficiently. Digital scheduling tools are also valuable as their flexibility means making changes is far simpler. By providing all of your employees with these tools, you can help them find out how to be more productive. Having everyone use the same tools also lets agents help each other, which makes the training process far simpler.

Digital Portals

While real estate work is generally done in person and over the phone, clients are increasingly looking for ways to connect online. Digital portals provided through a website can help real estate agents offer more robust online services for their clients. Standardized options work well, but it's also worth considering giving individual agents the power to customize their portals. Clients are the lifeblood of a real estate business, and offering more than just a typical website can lead to valuable leads.

Real estate CRM solutions can help you transform your business. However, it's worth taking time to investigate other tools. By moving as much as possible to computers, you can help agents spend less time managing paperwork and more time reaching out to clients. Check out IXACT Contact if you would like to learn more information.