Six helpful habits to get into if you're a real estate agent

Real estate can be a highly lucrative field to get into, but it takes persistence and dedication to make a career out of it. Competition can be cutthroat, but you can put yourself a step ahead by getting into the right habits

The following are six great habits if you're a real estate agent looking to advance your career:

Be vigilant about returning calls ASAP

Anybody who's on the market for a home or apartment rental will want to find the right property as soon as possible. If somebody leaves you a message, you can be sure that they're leaving other messages with other agents. The sooner you respond, the more likely it will be that you'll line up an ideal client for a property you're showing.

Never neglect responding to phone calls. In fact, avoid letting calls even go to voicemail whenever possible for the best possible chances of success.

Always explain things to clients and answer their questions in detail

Your clients know that you're the one with the expertise in real estate, and they're going to be looking to you for answers to any questions that may be troubling them or stressing them out. Always take the time to listen to questions and answer them as clearly as possible. Clients may decide to go with another agent if they find you inattentive or unclear, so work on your communication skills.

Know the neighborhoods you're working in well

Every neighborhood is different. Real estate agents that put the most research into getting a feel for each neighborhood they're working in tend to have the most success. It may be a good idea to narrow things down and focus on one neighborhood so that you can offer the local knowledge that clients are looking for.

Get leads through multiple sources

You're really selling yourself short if you're only relying on leads from one particular source. Work on every possible tool for generating leads that you can get your hands on. Try everything and see what works best for you, but avoid narrowing yourself down to only one lead source.


The more you network, the more you stay on top of upcoming opportunities in your area's market. Networking can help you get connected with buyers, seller, and other real estate professionals who may be able to refer you leads or provide you with a referral commission.

Use CRM software to handle client relations

A successful real estate agent needs to be able to juggle a variety of different clients at the same time. You can stay on top of everything with CRM for real estate that provides convenience and ensure that you're thorough and informed when dealing with clients.