Four Ways for Real Estate Agents to Save Time By Using Technology

Real estate agents are busy people, and they need effective communications solutions to stay in touch with their clients. By making use of some of the newest technology, such as apps for new home listings or CRM for real estate, agents can maximize their time, increase client interactions and gain more sales and profits. Consider these four ways in which real estate agents could save time by using current technology.

Use CRM for Real Estate
Real estate agents should use customer relationship management software, or IXACT real estate CRM. This type of software makes it easy to send out newsletters to people who are seeking to buy a home, rent a property or sell their property. CRM for real estate simplifies the process of contacting clients and makes it easy to keep track of a great deal of data. These tools can be installed onto network servers or accessed online.

Set Up an App for New Listings
Real estate agents could also set up an app for new listings. The app would allow prospective buyers to get a notification when a home or property is listed for sale. Other listings, such as rental properties, could also be included in the app. The app should allow users to set up their own customized settings so they can get the alerts they want to receive. Apps could also include key details such as the times of showings and open houses.

Create Social Media Pages
Every real estate agency and agent should have pages on the major social media networks. Social media business pages allow for customers to interact with the agent. Real estate agents can also post their listings on their social media pages, including 360-degree virtual tours of properties or video walk-throughs of properties. This could help inspire a prospective buyer to make a purchase. Social media pages also allow the opportunity for reviews of the agent or agency.

Communicate With Customers By Text
Most adults have smartphones that they use for their communications. Real estate agents should use theirs for communicating with customers by text. This would allow for regular interactions that are more convenient than a phone call. Agents could use texts to send photos of a property that is soon to be listed or to provide updates about a real estate transaction. Texting is also an ideal way to stay in touch with young home buyers.