Four Features to Look for When Buying a Real Estate CRM

Investing in a new real estate CRM, or customer relationship management program, is an excellent way to improve your efforts. In fact, the right CRM may help you to save time in various ways while bolstering your ability to turn a sizable profit regularly. Because of how important a new CRM is to real estate professionals, it makes sense to review the options carefully. Look for these four important features to find the right real estate CRM for your needs. 

1. A Cloud-Based Platform

Busy real estate agents rarely spend long hours in front of a desk each day. You may be out in the field or working out of your car. It is not always feasible to bring your desktop that has your real estate CRM on it, but that does not mean that you cannot access the data. The best CRM is cloud-based, and this means that you should be able to access it from your tablet, laptop or even smartphone in some cases. 

2. Easy Analytics

Some CRM tools simply give you a convenient way to manage detailed records for each client, but more robust systems are also available. For example, some CRM programs designed for real estate agents have exceptional analytical capabilities. They may let you generate lists of clients who are actively looking for a new home, who need to sell their home within the next six months and more. 

3. Customized Reports

It is not enough to simply access analytics through a CRM. You also need your CRM to transfer that analysis into functional reports. The best CRM to use lets you customize reports specifically to meet your needs. For example, you may generate a weekly report that lists who you need to touch bases with and on what days of the week. 

4. Alerts and Notifications

When you are busy negotiating contracts, touring homes and more, you may not even open up your CRM tool for several days or longer. However, this does not mean that you should let your leads slip to the wayside. The best CRM will reach out to you through alerts and notifications so that you can stay updated on all necessary and relevant tasks. 

There are general CRM programs that are suitable for most industries to use, but these lack the functional features that are necessary for the way most real estate agents do business. There are also numerous CRM programs that are specifically made for real estate agents to use, but it is not always easy to find the programs that are best-suited for your needs. Understanding the top features to look for in the program that you select can help you to make a smart choice.