8 Real Estate CRN Features to help you convert Online Leads

CRMs are extremely valuable to your business, as they complete a variety of tasks that make it easier and more effective to reach and manage clients. However, different CRMs focus on different things, and many are even tailored to fit the needs of your business. As far as generating online leads goes, the following are some of the Ixact real estate CRM features that will help you gather and convert online leads as efficiently as possible.

1. Cloud-Based Technology

Software is growing increasingly cloud based anyway, but you definitely want your CRM to be cloud based. This means that you can access the content and respond to potential leads immediately and from virtually any location.

2. Integration

The more consolidated your system is, the less likely you are to make mistakes or errors as a result of switching back and forth between programs. In addition to integrating with your website, email, and phone, you may want to find a CRM that is also integrated with a transaction software, which means you won’t have to navigate between two different platforms to convert leads.

3. Data Collection

Some CRMs are more capable than others, and in addition to being able to retrieve and store data, your real estate CRM should be able to collect data and analyze patterns. The ability to analyze data is growing increasingly important, and it will improve the effectiveness of additional features.

4. Automation

Automation is growing increasingly sophisticated, and the more customer relationship tasks your CRM can perform on its own, the less work you will have to do manually. These days a lot of tasks can be automated, including email campaigns, which will help you keep in touch with clients and potential clients.

5. Social Media Management

For many agents, social media represents an enormous potential for leads, and you can find CRMs that track analytics from different social media platforms. This will make it possible to develop strategies to generate leads from these platforms.

6. Data for Website Traffic

Some CRMs track the data on your website, and this information should tell you how your visitors got to your website, namely which ad they clicked on or which page they filled out a form on. Knowing where your potential leads are coming from will make it possible to develop more intelligent strategies and target the areas with the most potential.

7. The Ability to Add and Eliminate Features

Many CRMs have customization capabilities, which will make it possible both to add and eliminate features as they become necessary or unnecessary. Not to mention, many CRMs are crammed with features, and the ability to eliminate those that you don’t use will simplify your operations.

8. Simple Interface and Dashboard

It will be helpful to have a CRM that is easy to navigate, and this should include a simple interface and a dashboard that allows you to view reporting on various interactions. The easier your CRM is to use, the better you will be able to use it to your advantage.