7 College Packing Tips To Consider

Once the excitement of getting accepted into college wears off, it will be time to hunker down and plan your move to campus. For most college freshman, this will be their first major move on their own. To make the transition easier, below are some great tips for college movers to take into consideration.

1. Categorize Your Belongings

Before you begin the packing process, take stock in everything you have. This will allow you the ability to pack more efficiently. Experts suggest organizing your belongings into three categories that include the essentials, the maybe pile and the stuff to leave behind.

2. Coordinate With Roommates

If you will be staying in a dorm room and know your roomie beforehand, coordinate with them about some of the larger essentials such as a desk, microwave or television. You may not have to bring as much and can share certain things with them. Additional resources can be found at Matco Calgary Movers.

3. Pack For Seasons

If you will be able to come home off and on through your school year, you only need to pack to get you by through your next home visit. You can swap out your seasonal clothing when you are on break and return home.

4. Create A Priority Box

When college movers first get settled, it can be stressful and overwhelming. To make the first few nights a little easier, make yourself a priority box with the essentials you will need to get you through such as a toothbrush, your phone charger, clothes and any medications. Make sure this box is labeled clearly and easy to find.

5. Pack Lightly

Keep in mind you will most likely move with help from friends and family members. You will probably not need to hire a moving company. Because of this, you should remember to pack light boxes so you will be able to carry them safely. All boxes do not need to be filled to the brim. Even carrying heavier boxes short distances can start to feel like a marathon when you do it over and over again.

6. Save Some Space

Most dorm rooms are small in size. To make unpacking easier, pack some of your belongings in items you will need to bring that have space for extra items. These can include your trash can, laundry basket, suitcases and storage boxes. Save money and space by using your towels and clothing to protect fragile items instead of bubble wrap.

7. Quality Over Quantity

You will most likely be spending years in your dorm. Because of that, it makes sense to invest in quality items that will last until you graduate. Buy things that can withstand packing and moving multiple times.

In the end, the most important thing is that you made the move successfully. It isn’t always about what you bring with you. Make the most of your time and enjoy the experience!

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