5 Ways to Utilise Your CRM for Real Estate Success

In an intensely competitive real estate market, establishing yourself as a legitimate contender often means keeping up with the latest trends and using the available technology to your advantage. For example, with the influx of referrals, leads, and other contact information, you could benefit from an excellent real estate CRM system. These programs can dramatically improve organisation and productivity but how do you get the most out of them?

1. Integrate CRM with Current Systems

Integrating systems and software is an excellent way to ensure that your business stays connected and up to date. When it comes to CRM, you can integrate contacts and customer information, demographics, and other things with various communication and marketing apps and allow yourself access across all platforms and devices. Among other things, this is sure to keep you organised and save you time in the future.

2. Involve Your Staff

Along the lines of integration, if you involve all of your staff in the Ixact CRM system, making sure that they understand how it works and how it benefits the business, they can take advantage of these programs as well. Plus, this benefits the business as a whole when everybody is on the same page, plugging information into the same system, and accessing that information in the same place.

3. Build Client Relationships

When all employees have the same access to customer information, they can better serve the customers. Ease of access ensures that employees stay up to date with their clients and whatever information is necessary. You can easily keep in touch with previous employees and keep conversational notes.

Your employee-client relationship will better thrive in an environment where information is safely stored and easily accessible. Additionally, and closely related to marketing, you can better communicate with clients and potential leads by utilising the technology at your fingertips. With contact information of various businesses logged into your CRM, you can quickly refer your clients to additional services.

4. Incorporate Into Marketing

Your CRM system can be integrated into online marketing practices, namely social media and email, among other things. With client contact catalogued, you can optimise your marketing strategies and send out emails, connect with people on social media, and real estate websites. You can optimise your website and monitor and relay activity back to the CRM.

You can also implement location-based communications with your customers and target visitors to your site specifically. Given that an increasing number of your potential clients are heavily involved in this online activity, it’s important to have a commanding presence and make a productive use of these platforms.

5. Keep Track of Your Closings

Another way CRM keeps you organised is by keeping track of various tasks such as application deadlines for mortgages, inspection dates, and signing dates, among all kinds of other things. You can easily keep track of where each of your clients are in the process and communicate each with each them simply and effectively. Having maximum control over all of your information better ensures success across the board.