5 Essential Real Estate CRM Features

Studies reveal that real estate agents who have adopted CRM are more productive than the agents who don’t use the software. Every real estate business needs a functional real estate CRM to enhance its business operations and keep in touch with all its clients. However, you must choose the CRM software with the right features for you to enjoy the efficiency. The software will have a significant impact on your business when you are smart about the CRM features to search for when investing in a CRM system.

1. Listing and closing activity plans

The listing and closing activity feature is vital when investing in real estate CRM because it makes sure that no stone is left unturned in the process of closing or listing homes. Consider a CRM system that allows you to assign a closing or listing activity plan to a home, and you get reminders via email on the dates to perform the activities. A good CRM system should have several closing and listing activity plans so that you choose the plan that suits you the most. The resources on the Ixact Real Estate CRM website might help you learn more and get a better understanding.

2. Marketing activity plans

One of the essential features of real estate CRM is marketing action plans. They are powerful tools that help you to remain in contact with hot real estate leads and previous customers. The feature comprises emails and letters that you can send to past customers at set time intervals. The feature also reminds you of the time to need to make phone calls to potential customers. A good CRM system should have plans that you can use for different contact types like past clients, seller leads, and buyer leads.

3. Compatibility with popular platforms

CRM software ought to have features that are compatible with other tools in the business. A compatible CRM program makes the transition easy because it can be used alongside other programs. It can be time-consuming for the agents to learn about an entirely new program, which interferes with sales. Make sure the features are also easy to use for the end users.

4. Mobile capability

Most real estate agents are often on the road. As a result, they need mobile real estate CRM. Therefore, you should consider mobile ability when adopting CRM software to limit cost and take advantage of mobility. Mobile CRM software must be compatible with almost all mobile operating systems to make it easy for agents to use the software on their mobile devices.

5. Automated website lead capture

You can find potential new leads on various online platforms, such as your website. CRM should have a feature that enables you to streamline the process by capturing the online leads automatically and assign them to an email program. The feature ensures that the CRM software notifies you via email every time you have a new lead.

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